Start up business Ideas for Offline Warriors

So you're interested in some good start up business ideas instead of trying the whole "earn money online" thing huh? Well there's nothing wrong with that! In fact making extra money offline is usually more exciting because the sales are face to face and are often done using cold hard cash. Here's a list of good business ideas to give a try:

Sell Bonsai For Extra Income

People are fascinated by these miniature plants and they will pay a descent price for one of their own. Get started today and start selling on the weekends.

How to Sell Chickens For a Nice Profit

This is something that I use to do as a child and it always made me a few extra dollars. Its a different experience for most and it deosnt take a whole lot to get started.

Start a Flea Market Business

Selling at fleamarkets on the weekends can definitely be worth the effort. The biggest challenge is finding stuff to sell. Let me show you where to get the goods.

Things To Sell At Flea Markets That Make CASH MONEY!

Give these 3 items a chance at your local flea market and I guarantee you'll make a good profit.

Advertise for Money

Learn to advertise for other businesses using these three effective techniques!

Clean and Repair Foggy Headlights

Repair oxidized headlights with this simple restoration method and you will be certain to earn some extra cash.

Start Your Own Business Painting Addresses

Make some simple cash money painting addresses for new home owners and older homes.

Start Up a Pet Waste Removal Service

Yeah I know it's a dirty job but you can seriously clean up with this idea!

Start Your Own Peephole Installation Business

Peephole Installation Pays!

A Small Service Business Idea That Must Be Considered

Do you know SEO? If so then this is right up your alley! If not then it's time to learn because there is definitely money in it. Learn how I stumbled upon this money making idea.

A magazine Exhange Business?

Start a used magazine exchnage business and offer it as a service to local businesses.

Start A Windshield Repair Service

You can charge as much as $40-$50 just for repairing a small chip in someones windshield!

Earn Extra Money This Winter With These Ideas

Need some ideas to make up for the expensive hoidays? Try these.

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