A Small Service Business Idea That You Must Consider

Here's a small service business idea that never occured to me until recently. I was attending a local auction about three weeks ago and when I left, one of the employees handed me a business card that had their web address on it. A couple days later I searched for their website to see when the next auction would be. I typed their business name into google, and guess what? It didn't show up! This is when I started doing a little research. I went to their url and found that they had absolutely no search engine optimization on their site! No title,no description,no keywords, and barely any content.

The next time I went to their auction I had a talk with the business owner and told him that I would like to give him a few pointers on his website. I started explaining what he needed to do to his site to get a higher ranking on google and other search engines. He started writing it down and then kind of shyed away from writing and gave me his full attention. He then asked me how much would you charge to do this for me? I told him $40 for starters. He was very excited to meet someone who could properly SEO his site to say the least. That exact moment is when the idea of this small service business came to me. This incident made me open up my eyes even further. I decided to look at more local business websites and soon realized that most of them had only a little SEO or none at all! My jaw dropped and I thought hmmmm here's a small service business that could really take off!

Imagine performing SEO for two businesses per week for $50 each (this is probably even a little on the cheap side). That's $400 bones in your pocket every month! It's really a great oppotunity, because your average brick and mortar business owner doesn't have the time to learn SEO. If you are willing to spend some time learning, then you can defintely earn with a small service business based around SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is something that I learned from my past two and a half years of website creation. It is a very important part of owning a website and is essential to the success of a website. Although I have been doing this for over two years, it has not taken that much time to learn SEO. I would say it took around 3-4 months of studying and applying SEO to really learn it. You can learn it fairly quick as well and then be on your way to making a healthy part time income.

The best way to prepare yourself for this line of work is start a small site of your own and work at using SEO to improve the ranking of your site. You will gain knowledge of all the SEO techniques needed and you will have a site of your own to show your customers if they want to see some of your work. Plus you will own a website of your own that you can make some money with! I know this sound like a daunting task at first, but with the right tools you can do it and be successful at it.

The best way to to learn SEO and start your own site is by using a web hosting company called Site Build It. This company is the best way to learn this stuff hands down! They have all the tools,training, and support that a beginner needs to start their very own website and thoroughly learn SEO. This is how I learned it and I still have this website hosted with SBI to this day. It's nice knowing that the support and tools are there when I need them. Click the banner below to read more about site build it and if you haven't already done so, you may want to read "Earn With A Website".

Site Build It! 

Once you have experimented with and learned SEO, you can then begin to start looking for business prospects. You can do just as I did to get started. Find some local business owners who do not have their sites optimized. This can be done by searching googles local business listings. Most company listings have a web address were you can read about their services or buy their products. Right click on their website and then click "view page source". This will show you all of the html that their website consists of. If their site doesn't look SEO'd then it is time to speak with the business owner !

Speak with them in person and let them know that you noticed that their website is not optimized and that they are missing out on traffic that they could be getting. If they want to see it for themselves, then type in some common local search terms and show them that their site is not showing up. Also tell them the reason why and what can be done to get better results. This will most likely get there attention. Offer your services to them and let them know exactly what you will do for their site. Keep your fees at a descent rate and you are sure to make a deal. If they want to see some proof that your services work, then show them the success of your own site . This builds customer confidence and will help you seal the deal.

Like I said above, learning SEO does take some time and effort, but is there really anything worth learning or having that doesn't? Start learning SEO today and you'll have a money making skill that will last you a life time.

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