Things To Sell At Flea Markets That Always Make Cash

The same old question of any flea market vendor is "how do I find things to sell at flea markets and how do I get them cheap enough to make a profit!?" Man, what a tough one but I have an answer for ya!

DVD's, DOG TIES, and BED SHEETS! Say whaaaat!?? Let me explain...

The Best Selling Items to Sell At Flea Markets

When I got laid off from work a couple years back, I had to supplement my income. So what did I do?I immediately started pounding my brain for things to sell at the flea market!


I searched high and low for a couple weeks and eventually got into buying and selling DVD's because cheap entertainment ALWAYS sells!

I knew I wanted to start as soon as possible so I started searching Craigslist for lots of DVD's to buy and to my surprise I was getting them for $1.00 - 1.25 per DVD! I would buy lots of 100 - 300 at a time then mark them up to $3 - $5 each. The money was good and they sold like crazy!

Dog Ties

Eventually things slowed down towards fall so I decided that it would be a good idea to supplement my DVD sales with something else. So I put my thinking cap back on and decided on selling pet accessories.

What did I come up with? Dog pet ties! They were miniatrure business man suit ties for dogs. I was certain they would sell great, especially to the ladies because of their "cute" factor.

I was picking them up for .77 each and selling them for $3 each or 2 for $5. I made bank selling them! Here's where I purchased them .

Bed Sheets

Eventually I decided to expand even further so I searched the net for more things to sell at the flea and came up with bed sheets. Why bedsheets? Well because we all know that a new set of sheets is never cheap and people love cheap comfort!

So what did I do? I found decent sheets that I could sell for cheap and still make 100% profit on. A standard set would come with 4 pillow cases, a bottom sheet, and a top sheet.

I was purchaseing them for $11 each and selling them at $20 - $30 each! They were always hot sellers because I was the only one offering them at the flea and they were priced right.

The company I would buy my sheets from is called Country club products. Here's their link .

These are some of the best things to sell at flea markets by far! In fact business was so good that I have been thinking about starting a flea market business again just to make some good PT cash !

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