4 Winter Saving Tips That Will Save You Money This Winter

Using these winter saving tips WILL Save you Money . Here are four money saving ideas that will help you stretch a buck this winter:

Winter Saving Tip #1 - Save Money On Your Gas and Electric Bills

- Always be sure to keep your heater's intake filter clean. If it gets to dirty, then replace it. The filters are fairly cheap and if you do this , it will prevent the fan motor from pulling to many amps.

- Install a Magic Heat unit. If you have a wood or pellet burning stove , you must use one of these ! A magic heat unit is installed inline with your chimney and works by reclaiming the heat that normally ends up outside. These things are great. My parents have one at their house and now they only use 2/3 of the amount of wood that they normally burn during the winter months !

- Be sure to keep your thermostat between 68-70 degrees and also make sure that you turn your thermostat to off when you leave home. I recently broke the habit of leaving my heater on when I am not home and I am saving about $15-$20 per month on my gas and electric bill.

- If you are planning to move into an apartment soon , then you should move into the top floor. I know that it is a pain, but it can be worth the extra work when the winter months roll around because all of the heat from the apartments below you will help keep your's warmer. Less heater use means more cash in your pocket.

Winter Saving Tip #2 - Save Money On Snow Gear and Lift Tickets

A lot of us like to go skiing or snowboarding, but the gear and the lift tickets can sure hurt the wallet. Here's how to save on both :

- If you plan to buy new gear soon, buy it at the end of the season ! Most outdoor sport stores have a huge sale after every season. You can easily save up to 50% or 60% on some gear. A couple of years back I went to a big 5 and bought a morrow clutch snowboard at 60% off !

- Bring as many friends and family members with you as you can when you go skiing or boarding. A lot of ski areas will give you a group discount if there are at least five or ten of you going . Also be sure to check out discountlifttickets.net to save money on lift tickets.

Winter Saving Tip #3 - Save Money On Drinks and Food

- Instead of going to Starbucks and paying through the nose for a cup of coffee , make your own ! It's much cheaper and you can make it taste very good with all the new creamers that are on the market today.

- Always make extra food when you cook and you will save on electric / gas . A good way to accomplish this is to make frequent crock pot dinners or stuff like clam chowder soup.It doesn't save you lots of money, but it saves some.

Winter Saving Tip #4 - Save On Holiday Decorations

Go shopping for Christmas and Halloween decorations the day after the holiday. Many times you can find half off deals and can pick up some nice things for the following year !


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