My Website Success Story

Here's my website success story of how I finally reached my goal of earning online with my very own website. I will go over when I started, how I started, and how I achieved success with this very website.

The interest of creating my own website started to manifest in me around 2007. I was already selling on ebay and exploring the different ways to earn online but that just wasn't enough for me. I wanted more than just an extra income. I wanted a solid online business of my own. You know, something that I could really call my own success.

I began researching what it took to start my own website and how to make a profitable business out of it. I soon realized that one of the first things I would need to learn was HTML. Determined to create my own website I started learning a little bit of html. I slowly learned how to create a link, insert an image, and change the color and size of font all using html. I would incorporate this knowledge in to my ebay listings every once and a while to enhance the look of my auctions. I also started a free website through gocities that I would play around with now and then just as a way to learn. I thought wow this is great! I'm already learning the basics. I should be on my way to website success in no time! Well although it was fun learning that, I eventually found that there was a lot more to creating a successful website than I had imagined.

I started digging further into the topic of website creation and promotion . It was then that I realized that there was CSS, file transfer protocol, web hosting, domain names, keyword research, and search engine optimization to learn about. That was a rude awakening for me as I had never known any of this. I thought to myself "This is gonna take a while to learn" and "how does all of this work?". Well I calmed down and began to read more and more. I eventually started to get an idea of how it all came together to create a website and just how much I was up against. It was at this point that I decided to look into different ways to start my own website without having to go through this huge technical learning curve.

Finally in January of 2008 I discovered a hosting service called Site Build It. I began reasearching all of the tools and benefits that it had to offer. The main thing that really caught my attention, was that they would take care of the computer coding, layout and design, and most of the technical issues for me. This would allow me to focus all my attention on creating content and promoting my website. Knowing that there is a lot of scams on the internet, I decided to google more about it. I read tons of reviews about SBI and the website success that people where achieving with this service. after reading as many reviews as I could handle (lol) I decided to go with it and see what this so called Site Buile It could do for me.

Once I purchased SBI I immediately began thinking of what niche I wanted to start my website in. After some research, I decided that I wanted to create an information website that I could help others earn extra income with and that would earn me a better income as well. I thought "ok I will start an information website, but how will I make money with it ?". This is about the time when SBI introduced me to the world of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically when you promote another companies product on your site and you get a comission for every sale you make. I put the two together and began creating this very website!

With the help of SBI , I began learning how to properly build a website that would not only be helpful to my visitors, but that would also rank high in the search engines. This company introduced me to a very helpful knowledge base called the "action guide". It brought me through each step of the process of creating a website. It covered finding a niche, internal linking, writing content, proper keyword research, search engine optimization and basically everything else it takes to achieve my own website success. They also had the tools needed to help me find my niche, help me create a profitable keyword list for each page, and to help me keep track of my search engine placement and traffic statistics. Plus they helped me with way more than I have time to even talk about. Basically this service gave me a kickstart to a future of my very own website success.

Once I was fully aware of what needed to be done, I started building my site. One page at a time it started to come together. I eventually created 5 pages, then 10, then 20. I then started to see my first glimpse of traffic and I was in aw! I built a site that I could call my own and I actually had traffic coming to it from google, yahoo, and other similar search engines. Later On I added some advertisements to my website and made my first dollar from my site! It was a very exciting time for me and ever since then, I just kept building my site even bigger every month.

Today I am achieving more online success than ever before. I have finally reached my goal of creating a solid online business that I can call my own. I now make a comfortable part time income from my website and am on track to working full time online in the near future. As my site grows bigger, so does my traffic and income. The best part is that it is mostly on autopilot. I work on my site an average of about 2-3 hours per day, but even when I'm not working on it, it is helping others and making money for me!

If my website success story has intrigued you to start your very own successful website, then you may want to read more about how Site Build It can get you started on the fast track to online success.


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