Things to Sell On Craigslist

I'm always in search of things to sell on craigslist for extra cash and the best items are free ones! You don't have to worry about how much you sell them for or your return on investment because there is no investment. Here's how you get your hands on them...

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Apartment Complexes = Ca$h!

Yes apartment communities throw out sooo much stuff! A lot of the residents will throw out lots of good items when they buy new ones. I think this is mostly due to laziness. They just flat out don't want to spend the time selling the items or they think they are not worth enough to actually sell.

If you take a good hard look around the trash compactors of a property, you will almost always see things laying near them. Now I'm not saying to go out dumpster diving for things to sell on craiglist but the stuff people lay near them is pure gold at times.

In the past year I have found and sold a jogging stroller for $50, an old beat up trumpet with a case for $30, Two folding wire dog kennels for $80, A vacuum for $20, a direct tv satellite dish for $30, a solid oak folding shelf unit for $25, a jeep brand double stroller for $25, and a coffee maker for $15 .

I made this money from items that I only found from MY apartment complex!! Think about all of the other complexes in your city... You could make a killing just turning trash into treasure!

Next time you're looking for things to sell on craigslist, try this.... Get in your vehicle and drive to 5 different apartment communities. Keep your eye out for anything decent that people have thrown out and snag any item of reasonable value! Do this once early in the morning and again at around sunset. You'll be surprised of how much stuff you'll find in a week.

Some of the items you find will be in good shape and others may need a little fixing or cleaning but hey they are free and are great money makers. For example the jogging stroller needed the seat and other fabrics items cleaned so I took them off, washed them, and threw them back on. Made a cool $50 in a matter of a day or two!

One last thing I'd like to mention is that you should even keep items that are worth only $1-$10 because although they may not be good things to sell on craigslist, they are great for a yard sale cash run!


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