What Is SBI Website Hosting All About?

SBI website hosting or "Site Build It" is a hosting company that simplifies all the technical issues of building a website and allows you to focus on the important stuff like building content, promoting your site, and earning money. These very tools are what allow me to earn an extra income every month with this website.

Let me just say that as a beginner you can earn with a website that you created yourself. I know because I'm living proof! It used to be that you had to know how to write your own html code from scratch, setup your own xml sitemap, setup up your own hosting account, setup your own domain name, write your content, plus learn internet marketing and SEO! It was involved to say the least and you had to learn it all by yourself. The good news is that those days are over and SBI will help you get around most of the technical issues and start a website that you can turn into a successful online business. Here's a look at what SBI website hosting has to offer and why it works so well.

SBI offers all the tools you need to build your website and to achieve success with your website. Here is a list of the tools you get when you purchase your SBI website package:

  • Domain name
  • Website Hosting
  • A complete step-by-step "Action Guide" that teaches you from beginning to end exactly how to create a successful website.
  • Website templates (many different styles to choose from)
  • Block-by-block website builder (No need to know HTML or CSS)
  • SEO tool called "Analyze It!" to ensure good search engine placement
  • In depth traffic statistics
  • Search engine ranking statistics (shows where your page ranks in the search engines for each specific keyword)
  • A mailing list manager to help you send updates to your subscribers.
  • A full community support forum where thousands of other SBIers meet up to share ideas and help eachother.
  • and much more than I can even describe here!

The "Action Guide"

The number one best thing is that SBI gives you a plan of action that will guide you one step at a time through creating a successful website. It is a 10-day paln called "The Action Guide" and you can either read it or watch it on video as needed. This guide breaks down the process of building a website from the very beginning to the very end. It is very helpful to say the least. Plus if you run into any issues, there is a discussion forum that you can use to get help from the thousands of other SBI website owners that have already done what you are doing!

The SBI Website Block Builder

The website block builder that comes with the package is by far the biggest thing that sold me on SBI. When you first start learning about web design, you normally have to take on the daunting task of learning HTML and CSS before actually creating your site. The block builder takes care of all the behind the scene coding for you so that no knowledge of HTML is needed. This allows beginners like you and I to jump right in to getting started. This saves a whole lot of time. Be sure to watch the video below for and inside peek of the block builder.

The "Analyze It!" Tool

The tool used to teach you SEO is called Analyze It. It checks every page for correct placement of keywords, correct amount of keywords used, and it checks your anchor text before you submit them to the search engines. It also checks to make sure that your meta tags are set up correctly. This really gives you the upper hand when your new to this because it not only teaches you SEO (which is very important to your success), it also significantly helps drive traffic to your website! "Analyze It!" simply helps get your pages in the top ten results of major search engines such as google,yahoo, and bing. This tool combined with the action guide and proper keyword research (they have a great tool for that as well) delivers surprising search engine placement results.

These are just a few of the tools that SBI has to offer and are the very tools that made this website the success it is today.

The Reason SBI Websites Are So Successful

Simply put, SBI offers the complete package of knowledge and tools necessary to create a successful and profitable website. They help you find a niche, conduct keyword research, SEO your site, Build your site without having to know HTML, Promote your site, and find ways to monetize your site. They also help you with becoming a good content writer and with online marketing. All of the above is what it takes to create a successful online business and SBI has mastered it hands down!

Site Build It! 


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